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About Us

About Richard Hoppé:

A collector for as long as I can remember, a full time dealer since the year 2000. My attraction to European glass and tiles was formed during the twenty-five years I spent working abroad, my fascination with scent bottles started while photographing a collection for an auction catalogue. My enthusiasm for antiques continues every day through work as a dealer, professional valuer, and fine art photographer. I am a member of the leading English dealer association, LAPADA, and the International Perfume Bottle Association.

My business philosophy is a simple one:

To offer interesting, quality antiques and to offer a trustworthy, reliable, competent and friendly service. I always try to take the best photographs and to give the most accurate descriptions and condition reports. I'm always happy to send additional images or further written information, I'm also happy to receive comments, suggestions, and, if needs be, criticism.

Browsing the site:

To browse the stock, click on any of the four home page boxes and then the categories, sub categories and items you are interested in. To return to the main category of your current choice, click on the red category title "Antique Scent Perfume Bottles" for example, to return to the sub category of the item you are looking at, click on the red sub category title “silver, unusual, rare” for example. To see a list of all categories, click the category title of the page you are currently looking at, then the category box. To see everything, click “all categories” or “stock”.

Item Search Tips:

If you are looking for something specific, type in a keyword or words, for example: "Moser", "floral tile", "Sampson Mordan". If you want to search in a broader way, type in general words, for example: "ruby glass", "tile", "vase" etc.

If you have any questions about an item, about ordering, or postage, click the "send us a message" link, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please be sure to include the stock number.

Postage/Shipping & Returns Policy:

For full information, please click the Returns Policy link in the footer.